WordPress to WIX Migration Review

If you ask 100 SEO professionals what they think of WIX, after they have stopped laughing, the majority (about 95%) of them will probably say something like:

  • Google do not like WIX.

  • WIX websites are just template based.

  • WIX websites do not rank.

  • WIX websites are just not SEO friendly.

  • No professional digital marketing person would consider using WIX.

  • Etc, etc, etc...

I hear it all the time. In fact when I moved this very website over from WordPress to WIX and released my own WIX SEO case study proving I was (and still am) ranked No.1 in the UK for 'SEO Speaker', let's say that the SEO community was less than impressed!

The fact is, the common perception of WIX (outside the WIX community) is truly outdated.

Just to show you that migrating my own site from WordPress to WIX was not a one-off, I took on a WordPress to WIX migration from an attorney in the States just to prove a well built optimized WIX can perform just as well as any WordPress site.

Here is what that attorney had to say!!!

After only one week of migration:

  • 35% increase in online exposure

  • Ranking for 25 additional keywords

  • Bounce rate is way down

  • New visitors is way up

  • Ranked higher than I was with my old WordPress site

WordPress to WIX Migration

"I’m a California Attorney, and am thrilled to share my personal experience in working with Mark Preston on the re-build of my law firm’s website.

Prior to meeting Mark, I had spent over $20,000 with a well-known digital marketing agency that specializes in my legal practice area (Wills and Trusts).  They created a WordPress website for me that was ranking pretty well (appearing on page 1 of Google for my primary keywords). Although I was fairly pleased with those results, I wasn’t getting much business from that website. The user experience was subpar, with a 70% bounce rate, slow to load pages, and incomplete branding that did not reflect me or my practice.  What I was most displeased with, however, was the consistent frustrations I experienced in working with the firm responsible for building and maintaining the site. I never felt like they truly could provide clear and consistent answers or direction on SEO matters, and found the need to rely on them for every little update or creative tweak to be painstaking. 

The lack of control I experienced is (unfortunately) often the case with professionally built WordPress websites. I’d previously built my firm’s website on the WIX platform, and missed its simplicity and the creative control I had to maintain the site myself (without the need to pay for expensive maintenance or rely on others to make changes for fear I might “break” my WordPress website).

Searching for solutions, I found Mark Preston.

I first learned about Mark from an article he wrote about migrating his own website from WordPress to WIX. His story really resonated with me, and the facts he laid out in the article were compelling. I reached out to Mark via his website contact form to discuss rebuilding my WordPress website over to WIX.

Mark is absolutely the “straight-talking SEO trainer” he says he is. After laying out my goals, concerns, and questions about migrating my WordPress website over to WIX (as he had done with his own site and several others), I knew I had found the right partner.  The clarity of his answers and his process was so refreshing. It made me feel confident in my decision to re-build my website back onto the WIX platform. Please bear in mind, this was not a decision I made lightly. After all, I had a website that (despite its issues) was ranking well, and I had a great deal invested in it.

After my first Skype call with Mark, I realized I was going to be getting much more than a simple WordPress to WIX migration. The questions he asked me and the consulting I received on that call helped me find the missing pieces in my firm’s brand and in my professional voice. I am not your typical, stuffy, corporate-type attorney. Interacting with Mark in the initial stages of the re-build of my site helped my figure out how to communicate that into an authentic and unique selling proposition.

A few weeks later, Mark sent over a design draft of my home page and an inner page. In contrast to the prior digital marketing firm I had hired, Mark wanted to me to be happy with the look and feel of the site before he began built it.

He absolutely nailed the site design. The look and feel of the new site design truly reflected the clarity I had gained about my unique selling proposition from our initial call and related follow-up. I sent over a few suggested tweaks, which he implemented thoroughly.

The re-build went great from there. Mark added new copy I wrote throughout my site as we went along, making each page easier to read and adding more images than I had previously (all of which were totally consistent with my brand).

In the final stages of the re-build, Mark worked overtime to complete my site before my contract with my prior marketing firm expired and the old site went dark.

We officially went live just over a week ago. Already I’ve seen a 35% increase in online exposure and now rank for 25 additional keywords. The bounce rate is way down. Session duration of new visitors is way up. In fact, I just did a few Google search with my major key phrases (something I had not allowed myself do up to this point, as I knew it would likely be a couple of weeks before all was settled in with the new site) and am already showing up as high or higher than I was with my old WordPress site after only a week.


That is huge. Migrating a site is one thing, not losing exposure is another. The results speak for themselves, this man knows what he is doing.

Mark will be monitoring progress over the coming months, and I am really excited to see things continue to improve.

It’s rare to work with professionals these days who have integrity and operate with transparency. Mark is one of those individuals. I’m grateful to have found him and can’t recommend him highly enough."

Brian Qualls, Attorney at Qualls Law Firm

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