White Label SEO: Exclusive to WIX Web Designers

I'm on a personal mission to prove to the world (especially the digital marketing community) that WIX built websites do rank on Google (and other search engines) just as well as any other website platform.

I can't do this alone and need your help. I'm not a web designer and never want to offer web design services. I prefer to stick to what I specialise/specialize in. This means there will never be any conflict of interest between us both.

I'm not after personal glory and I don't care who receives the credit for the top results me and my team secure. I just want to build a global list of top-ranking WIX built websites.

"I've personally ranked 100+ WIX built websites at the top of Google, even outranking major brand names!"

A complete range of Wix white label SEO services provided

From 'basic SEO' to 'advanced SEO' to 'eCommerce SEO'

"Not only did Mark offer us an overwhelming amount of evidence that Wix sites are SEO-friendly, including a nod from one of Google's very own, he also provided us with clear, practical advice detailing exactly how to harness the power of Wix websites to help our businesses and those of our customers outrank the competition. Mark is a gifted speaker and teacher who provided so many practical and exciting takeaways we had to have a goodie bag!"

Lynn Swords


Ink and Key

"I learned a lot from Mark's talk at WixCon NOLA. He did an excellent job of explaining the factors that effect SEO in a way that makes sense to me not only as we website designer but also as a marketing expert."

Melissa Morreale Winebrenner


Winebrenner Designs LLC.

"Phenomenally valuable and educational information presented in a way that keeps the audience engaged and wanting more. Most especially because Mark speaks to us in simple and easy to understand language that helps break down the material to allow our brains to easily digest and remember the information. Mark is simply amazing all around!"

Nayeli Gomez


The Code Queen

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