SEO Troubleshooter: Diagnosing problems others can't

  • Do you have an SEO issue you cannot explain?

  • Do you have an issue with your online brand awareness?

  • Are you not securing those SEO results, no matter what you do?

  • Have you contacted other SEO specialists, but nobody seems to be able to diagnose your SEO issues?

Over the past 20 years, I have diagnosed and fixed thousands of SEO related issues. It is this vast knowledge and experience that enables me to quickly pinpoint abnormal SEO problems.

"SEO troubleshooting is 50% logical thinking and 50% experience" 

I diagnose your SEO problems before you pay a single penny

I am that confident about my SEO knowledge and experience, You don't pay me anything until I diagnose your SEO problems.


Here's my 10 step SEO troubleshooting process...

  1. We arrange a call to discuss the SEO related issues you are facing.

  2. We agree on a price that we are both comfortable with.

  3. A legal binding contract is signed via DocuSign.

  4. You grant me admin access to your website, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  5. I conduct extensive research and analysis into your specific SEO issues.

  6. I provide you with a document which states what caused the issues and a plan of action to fix your related SEO problems.

  7. 50% initial payment is required at this stage.

  8. You or your team implement my list of recommended tweaks, alternatively, yours truly along with my team are able to implement my action plan if you do not have the skillset in-house (additional charges apply and payable at this point).

  9. Only when your individual SEO issues have been fully solved, you are required to pay the 50% balance.

  10. I provide you with a one-hour complimentary video call to explain what you need to do in order to push your business forward in the right direction.

Got a specific SEO problem you need solving?

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