SEO Training Solutions - Tailored To You!

You have just found the SEO training solution for your individual needs.

Since 2001, I have trained 1,000's of individuals, from small business owners to large global companies and even professional marketers.

When it comes to search engine optimisation, there is a lot more to learn than simply how to rank a website at the top of Google.

Please select the SEO training solution below that matches your individual requirements.

From £595 per day

£145 per person

£65 per hour

£47 per month

Not sure which SEO training solution to choose?

Personal SEO Training

Hosted at your business premises, I educate your team on what they want to learn and need to know in order to achieve your individual online business growth plans. 100% tailored to your business.

Ideal for established companies and digital marketing agencies.

Online SEO Training

Hosted online via Skype (or another online conference platform), I teach you how to push your business forward, one step at a time. After each online SEO training session, I leave you with a task list to go through which holds you accountable to action those points before our next scheduled training session.

Ideal for small business owners or website designers, located around the world.

SEO Masterclass

This is my 12 step SEO masterclass, hosted at my office in Preston, Lancashire. Learn the basics of SEO in a room with a bunch of like-minded individuals.

Ideal for small business owners.

SEO Mentoring

Giving you peace of mind! This is a monthly mentorship service where you can ask me any SEO related questions you have or if you come across any unexpected SEO related problems that you are unsure how to fix.

Ideal for individuals who already have a basic understanding of SEO.

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