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Straight-Talking SEO Speaker

I have been working within the SEO and digital marketing industry since 2001. During that time, I have read thousands of articles, watched hundreds of webinars and attended loads of SEO conferences and events.

I speak at corporate events and digital marketing conferences around the world putting a straight-talking spin on the world of SEO ensuring marketers start to think outside their standard SEO bubble.

If you would like a presentation which is a little different backed up by solid proof, let's start a conversation.

SEO Speaker

I'm an SEO keynote speaker with a difference

Many of the attendees of the events and conferences I have spoken at, often turn around to me and tell me that they found my talk highly valuable as I ‘say-it-how-it-is’ and never dance around key issues.


If you are looking for an SEO speaker who is highly knowledgeable within the digital marketing industry (since 2001) and can speak on a wide range of topics, whilst getting the audience to interact – I’m the person your event or conference needs.

"Phenomenally valuable and educational information presented in a way that keeps the audience engaged and wanting more. Most especially because Mark speaks to us in simple and easy to understand language that helps break down the material to allow our brains to easily digest and remember the information. Mark is simply amazing all around!"

The Code Queen

Nayeli Gomez


"I learned a lot from Mark's talk at WixCon NOLA. He did an excellent job of explaining the factors that effect SEO in a way that makes sense to me not only as we website designer but also as a marketing expert."

Winebrenner Designs LLC.

Melissa Morreale Winebrenner


"Not only did Mark offer us an overwhelming amount of evidence that Wix sites are SEO-friendly, including a nod from one of Google's very own, he also provided us with clear, practical advice detailing exactly how to harness the power of Wix websites to help our businesses and those of our customers outrank the competition. Mark is a gifted speaker and teacher who provided so many practical and exciting takeaways we had to have a goodie bag!"

Ink and Key

Lynn Swords


"Mark’s SEO talk at WixCon was a highlight for me. Honestly, the SEO talks I’ve watched in the past have either overwhelmed me with details or left me feeling kind of slimy from a used-car-salesmen-esque pushy based approach. Mark's descriptions and visuals were clear, easy to understand, and sometimes even funny. I appreciated his enthusiastic organic, authentic, practical approach - no dirty quick tips here! After Mark’s speech I was left with more confidence, curiosity, and an understanding that I have much more to learn. Mark helped me rethink my relationship to SEO and made it not as scary - I will definitely reach out to him for future questions."

Lisa Erickson Design

Lisa Erickson

Creative Director

"Mark’s nuanced and transparent approach to SEO strategy is a breathe of fresh air. I am tired of reading recycled SEO advice articles providing “tips” and “tricks” on how to “beat the system” that ultimately only muddy and confuse the matter. Mark provides an invaluable, real-world, outside the box, practical and proven approach to SEO Management. A generous, intelligent and passionate speaker, listening to Mark discuss best SEO practices at WixCon clarified and will forever change how I will implement SEO strategy for my clients on the Wix platform - on any platform!"


Ashley Ford


Global SEO speaker

If speaking at your conference allows me to meet my goals of educating people about SEO, I will consider speaking if you cover my expenses.


New Orleans




It all starts with a conversation