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What if I told you, I will personally mentor you through any SEO situation you come across.

Would that be of interest to you?

Imagine having a world-class SEO trainer & speaker by your side who you can turn to with any specific SEO related questions you have or to guide you through a certain SEO project to push it in the right direction.

Giving you peace of mind!

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My SEO mentor service includes:

  • Up to 60 minutes per month, live 1-2-1 video call(s) discussing your specific SEO questions and issues.

  • You have the flexibility to book me for a single 60 minute video call per month or book multiple short video calls as and when required throughout the month.

  • Guidance & advice with any specific SEO project you are working on.

  • SEO mentorship tailored to you!

"My main core business is providing blog outreach services on behalf of well-known gambling companies and achieve some great results but I knew that I needed to expand my skills if I was to go out and offer my outreach/link building services to businesses outside the gambling industry. I then started looking on LinkedIn where I contacted Mark and asked him to consider taking me on as his student. Fortunately for me, he agreed. That has been the best decision ever. I already had basic knowledge of SEO before meeting him, but his mentoring has made me a lot better. Such that I feel confident that I can finally meet my target of generating $10,000 per month as an SEO."

Kingsley Aje

Blog outreach provider


"When I started my first venture into e-commerce I had pretty much zero experience in SEO and had no idea where to start in helping my business start to climb rankings on Google and other search engines. In looking for a proven SEO specialist, it was clear to me when I met with Mark that he knew exactly what he was talking about. Despite Mark’s vast experience and knowledge in the world of SEO, the thing that impressed me the most is his ability to teach, mentor and nurture you to find out the answers for yourself so you can learn SEO rather than just do SEO. His genuine care for your unique business and your personal development is the sign of a true mentor. After just a few months of mentorship, our product pages were beginning to climb onto the first page of search results, increasing sales dramatically. Our content was actually being viewed and read by the thousands and we even managed to land a few featured snippets at the top of search results. In just 3 months, our organic traffic increased by over 300%. What is most incredible is that the results were not earned by paying an expert to do the dirty work for us, but Mark taught & mentored me to do it myself so I can continue to achieve those results in the future. I am very grateful for Mark’s support, knowledge and attention in helping us grow our online business and would recommend his mentorship to anyone in a similar situation."

Cullen Evans


Lens Lounge

"If you are looking for great SEO mentor service and want to be successful online - Mark Preston, the known SEO specialist, is the one with whom you should allocating your time. He has enabled, coached and given us the confidence to discover our potential to grow to more leads. The main benefit came from receiving individual attention to our business and its needs."

Saulė Grigienė


Giles Projektai

"Mark is a great trainer and mentor. He is knowledgeable, approachable, genuine and extremely helpful. Having gained a lot of my knowledge from reading blogs and following various online courses, it's great to have the support and one to one assistance to guide me in the right direction. I am very grateful for Marks help and support in growing my SEO business."

Emma Schwartz


Schwartz Digital

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