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My 12 Step SEO Masterclasses

Do you need to learn how to drive leads and sales through your website via the power of Search Engine Optimisation?


What you will learn (My 12 step SEO masterclass)

1. Introduction to search engines

  • What exactly are search engines and how do they help us?

  • The top three search engine players – Google, Bing & Yahoo

  • Search engine’s journey of crawling and indexing

3. Search engine guidelines

  • What are search engine guidelines?

  • The several types of guidelines you need to consider

  • What happens if I don’t conform to the guidelines?

5. Knowing your competitors

  • Who are your true competitors?

  • Why focusing too much on your competitors may not be the best thing

7. Understanding keyword research

  • What is keyword research?

  • Why is keyword research important?

  • How keyword research fits into a content plan

  • The diverse ways of conducting keyword research

  • Helping you to create your keyword map

9. On-page optimisation

  • What is on-page optimisation and why it is important

  • Understanding search engine ranking factors

  • What should you consider when optimising a page?

  • Optimising your website for the keywords you selected

11. Brand awareness

  • Why your brand awareness is important

  • How to promote your brand in a positive way

  • What you can do if you notice negative brand awareness

  • Social media used right will make a massive difference

2. Paid search traffic vs Organic search traffic

  • The difference between paid and organic search

  • Pros and cons of paid search

  • Pros and cons of organic search

  • Which is better – paid or organic search?

4. Knowing your customers

  • Not everyone is your customer

  • Target the right type of customer

6. Your website audit

  • How to perform a basic website audit

  • Knowing what you need to fix

8. On-page content

  • I hear ‘content is king’ – is it?

  • What do I need to know when writing content for my site?

  • When should you use a redirect?

  • What you need to consider before you delete a page

  • Understanding duplicate content issues

10. Off-page optimisation

  • What is off-page SEO?

  • What are links and why they are important

  • The basic science behind link building

  • A discussion on the off-page SEO techniques you need to implement

12. To-do list

  • Creating your to-do list to help push new business forward