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SEO Book: The Business Side of SEO

Thinking of starting a digital marketing agency or SEO freelance business and need a little direction? My book includes solid business advice from running my own agencies over a 15 year period and loads of actionable B2B lead generation and sales tips.

"If you have to SELL your SEO services, you are doing something wrong!"

Key questions answered within my SEO book

How do you find prospects?

How do you present SEO services?

How do you close the deal?

What have you tried that doesn’t work?

How do you calculate the ROI?

What are the different revenue models?

How much should I charge?

How do you first approach a new prospect?

How do you work out the price of SEO packages?

How do you find people who value SEO enough to pay your prices?

How do you educate people so they do value it?

How do you set the right expectations?

What reaction do you get from a prospect?

How do I put a contract together?

"Getting a budget upfront from every prospect increased my lead-to-sales conversion rate to a staggering 92%"

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Paperback: £14.97

Kindle: £7.97

A small price to pay to enable you to grow your digital agency!

"Mark is not just incredibly knowledgeable in the business side of SEO. He is also a very friendly person, easy to talk to and open to help. I also bought his book on Amazon, he helps freelancers and agencies to set up and manage a successful digital marketing business...I only wish I met Mark 8 years ago when I started my career."

Luca Tagliaferro

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Future Fit Training Ltd

"You may know SEO, but do you know how to build and manage your business? To build a successful Digital marketing agency, you must have the chops to deliver client value and value for your firm. The Business Side of SEO lets you focus on delivering client value without sacrificing time and resources you need to expand on making sure you generate profitability for yourself."

Karl Hindle

Managing Partner

Wellspring Search

"There are loads of books on sale promising to teach you how to do SEO. But not one that teaches people how to build a business with the digital marketing industry. Until now that is. Whether you’re looking to build or grow a freelancing business or you want to build the next big digital agency, this book has lots of valuable insights how to go about doing it. Mark has been there and done it and it shows and the information he gives is invaluable. It’s certainly made me look again at my business and I’ll be going into 2018 utilising a lot of what I’ve learnt in the book to grow and thrive."

Scott Brerton


"There are not many books that you pick up again and again. Mark's no-nonsense and sincere style is infectious. Nuggets on of info here and there to help the reader dodge the minefields of SEO. In fact, I know this primer is valuable to me that I use it as my sole SEO reference."

Paul Isherwood

Business Owner

Stressbuster Works

"Straight talking with actionable strategies. Mark is a regular down to earth guy with an almost obsessive passion... SEO and helping others achieve greatness. This book is an easy read which had me glued from start to finish. You’ll find strategies that will up your sales game and empower you to confidently engage business owners. You will find out how to get them to disclose their marketing budget and effectively evidence their return on investment."

Darren Hayward


Fertile Frog

"Marks book is full of knowledge about how you can setup your own legitimate digital marketing agency in a short span of time. Mark shows how you can make an agreement with the client and how to make your client happy by making them feel they are premium. Mark puts all his SEO experience in his book and I would recommend this book to SEO folks who are starting to set up their digital agency and getting into client’s business. Building a business in digital marketing business has become tough due to stiff competition and how you can separate yourself from competitors, Mark teaches you in this book. From creating a content strategy to making a detailed client proposal, Mark shows how to target your prospect customers and make them buy your services or product. SEO is an art which comes from experience and Mark puts all his knowledge in this book. Grab his book and build your dream digital marketing organisation. Don't wait before it’s too late to start a business. Thanks for the awesome book Mark Preston."

Jitendra Vaswani

Digital Marketing Ninja

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