SEO Audit: Tailored To Your Business

I'm not going to baffle you with technical jargon as it is very important that you understand why having a quality SEO audit completed on both your website and brand is paramount to the future of your business.

Let me ask you a simple question...

"Would you put fuel in a car with a broken engine?"

I'm not a mind reader but I'm guessing you would answer "no".

SEO Audit

"If you don't know what parts of your brand awareness and website are broken, how are you meant to know what to fix?" 

Free SEO audit

I know that hundreds of digital marketing and SEO agencies provide free SEO audits in the hope that you will pay them to fix the issues on the report they send you. The fact is, those reports are just spat out of a piece of software. They put your domain in one end and within a few minutes, the report is ready to send to you.

If that is what you want, please go ahead and add your domain along with your email address in the boxes below. You will then receive an email listing the number of crawl errors on your website.

If however, you are a person who values your business and understands that investing in a quality in-depth SEO audit will indeed help you to achieve your online business growth plans by fixing the engine before you start putting fuel in the tank, my comprehensive SEO audit is exactly what you need.

Extensive SEO Audit

Seven individual audits in one:

  1. Historical SEO audit

  2. Technical SEO audit

  3. On-Page SEO Audit

  4. Content Audit

  5. Backlink Audit

  6. Brand Reputation Audit

  7. Online Awareness Audit

You will receive a manually created extensive SEO audit that contains all the above seven individual audits along with a tailored SEO strategy plan to push your business forward after you have fixed all the issues within my seven reports.

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SEO Audit Report