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"I educate people throughout the world on how to drive new business forward through the power of SEO.

My help and advice makes a difference to what's really important to your business."

Some of the people I have helped and educated!

"I’m a California Attorney, and am thrilled to share my personal experience in working with Mark Preston on the re-build of my law firm’s website. Prior to meeting Mark, I had spent over $20,000 with a well-known digital marketing agency that specializes in my legal practice area (Wills and Trusts). They created a WordPress website for me that was ranking pretty well (appearing on page 1 of Google for my primary keywords). Although I was fairly pleased with those results, I wasn’t getting much business from that website. The user experience was subpar, with a 70% bounce rate, slow to load pages, and incomplete branding that did not reflect me or my practice. What I was most displeased with, however, was the consistent frustrations I experienced in working with the firm responsible for building and maintaining the site. I never felt like they truly could provide clear and consistent answers or direction on SEO matters, and found the need to rely on them for every little update or creative tweak to be painstaking. The lack of control I experienced is (unfortunately) often the case with professionally built WordPress websites. I’d previously built my firm’s website on the WIX platform, and missed its simplicity and the creative control I had to maintain the site myself (without the need to pay for expensive maintenance or rely on others to make changes for fear I might “break” my WordPress website). Searching for solutions, I found Mark Preston. I first learned about Mark from an article he wrote about migrating his own website from WordPress to WIX. His story really resonated with me, and the facts he laid out in the article were compelling. I reached out to Mark via his website contact form to discuss rebuilding my WordPress website over to WIX. Mark is absolutely the “straight-talking SEO trainer” he says he is. After laying out my goals, concerns, and questions about migrating my WordPress website over to WIX (as he had done with his own site and several others), I knew I had found the right partner. The clarity of his answers and his process was so refreshing. It made me feel confident in my decision to re-build my website back onto the WIX platform. Please bear in mind, this was not a decision I made lightly. After all, I had a website that (despite its issues) was ranking well, and I had a great deal invested in it. After my first Skype call with Mark, I realized I was going to be getting much more than a simple WordPress to WIX migration. The questions he asked me and the consulting I received on that call helped me find the missing pieces in my firm’s brand and in my professional voice. I am not your typical, stuffy, corporate-type attorney. Interacting with Mark in the initial stages of the re-build of my site helped my figure out how to communicate that into an authentic and unique selling proposition. A few weeks later, Mark sent over a design draft of my home page and an inner page. In contrast to the prior digital marketing firm I had hired, Mark wanted to me to be happy with the look and feel of the site before he began built it. He absolutely nailed the site design. The look and feel of the new site design truly reflected the clarity I had gained about my unique selling proposition from our initial call and related follow-up. I sent over a few suggested tweaks, which he implemented thoroughly. The re-build went great from there. Mark added new copy I wrote throughout my site as we went along, making each page easier to read and adding more images than I had previously (all of which were totally consistent with my brand). In the final stages of the re-build, Mark worked overtime to complete my site before my contract with my prior marketing firm expired and the old site went dark. We officially went live just over a week ago. Already I’ve seen a 35% increase in online exposure and now rank for 25 additional keywords. The bounce rate is way down. Session duration of new visitors is way up. In fact, I just did a few Google search with my major key phrases (something I had not allowed myself do up to this point, as I knew it would likely be a couple of weeks before all was settled in with the new site) and am already showing up as high or higher than I was with my old WordPress site after only a week. That is huge. Migrating a site is one thing, not losing exposure is another. The results speak for themselves, this man knows what he is doing. Mark will be monitoring progress over the coming months, and I am really excited to see things continue to improve. It’s rare to work with professionals these days who have integrity and operate with transparency. Mark is one of those individuals. I’m grateful to have found him and can’t recommend him highly enough."

Brian Qualls

Attorney & Counselor-at-Law

Qualls Law Firm

"I heartily recommend Mark for any project that involves SEO. Mark is a top SEO professional. His SEO knowledge and solutions are enlightening, informative, and creative at the same time. Mark is easy to understand so people that do not have any SEO background learn the basics as well as the specifics. His recommendations and examples are extremely insightful, practical, and useful. I’m an experienced web designer that always optimizes the SEO on my client’s websites. However, when I attended Mark’s workshop, I not only learned a lot of new information, but it also encouraged me to think about SEO in a different way than I used to do before. This will help me to further improve the SEO of my client’s sites. Mark also provided useful tools and downloadable resources which come in very handy."

Linda Lou Huiskes


WIX Create

"Dear Mark! Thank you so much for your useful training on Rich Data feature. Thank you for going over all of the details and providing valuable expertise. And additional thanks for your patience with me. Now I feel confident using this feature, it helped brining my SEO skills to the next level."

Julia Koroleva

Sales and Marketing Director

JKI Marketing

"Not only is Mark a thought leader in his field he is a thoroughly top bloke! Our digital team has really evolved in it’s online approach and a lot of that is down to Mark. Would recommend without any hesitation and in fact many of my friends who ask me for some help, I simply point them in Mark’s direction."

Imran Hakim


Hakim Group

"Mark is not just incredibly knowledgeable in the business side of SEO. He is also a very friendly person, easy to talk to and open to help. I also bought his book on Amazon, he helps freelancers and agencies to set up and manage a successful digital marketing business...I only wish I met Mark 8 years ago when I started my career."

Luca Tagliaferro

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Future Fit Training Ltd

"I was excited as a kid to speak to Mark and while they say never meet your heroes Mark does not disappoint. What an honest, genuine, credible, warm and generous man he his. It is like being back at school and having my new favourite teacher Mr Preston and I need to ace my tests to impress him. Such a cool man."

Darren Revell

Managing Director

RecruiterWEB Limited

"Mark delivered two days of informative, engaging training that left my team and me confident we can deliver on all the things that matter to our clients. Highly recommended."

Robert Clarke

Creative Director

BrightRED Digital

"Mark has a great mind when it comes to lead generation, he made any complicated issues that I had into simple solutions; Mark also provided me with alternative methods that I can use to boost my potential leads into future sales. I would highly recommend Mark when it comes lead generation his simple, straight forward and his advice is very effective."

Munimur Rahman

Speaker Manager

David Hyner (Award Winning International Speaker)

"Mark's course was made simple to understand, and even allowed a busy (and not really that technical) business owner like myself, to get back to the business and make some immediate changes to our website, which had an immediate impact. Highly recommended..."

Darren Turner

Managing Director

MY Total Office Solutions

"As part of upskilling our marketing teams, Mark Preston took on the task of providing onsite SEO training for our marketing teams across Glory. Mark is very knowledgeable in the SEO space and provided the expertise needed to get individuals who were new to SEO quickly up to speed without being condescending, which was appreciated. I would recommend Mark for any SEO training activities if you are looking to upskill teams or as an individual look to get to grips with SEO landscape."

Fortune Belcher

Digital Marketing Lead

Glory Global Solutions

"Mark's training was bespoke to our needs and to the people in the room. Mark's approach to SEO is simple and allows everyone to understand their role in improving the website's performance, from writers to programmers. The check list at the end of the session was rather long and we are confident that the training will make a real difference to our results."

Emilie Despois

Marketing Manager

Fine & Country

"Mark is an exceptional speaker and a truly gifted SEO trainer. His knowledge in the industry is unrivaled and the fact that SEO is not just a job to Mark but rather a passion is obvious from the moment you meet him. I feel privileged to have worked with him and would recommend nobody else for SEO training."

Jordan Worthington

Head of Digital

Hakim Group

"We recently worked with Mark on a day of SEO training and I couldn't recommend him highly enough! Mark is not only experienced and highly knowledgeable but friendly, a real people person and easy to learn from!"

James Brockbank

Managing Director


"Well, today was our long awaited training with SEO guru Mark Preston after meeting him last year. Totally changed the way I think and has most likely been the best investment we made in our development. Mark is clever in how he relates the training and it feels bespoke. He shared great insights into what has become a bit of a dark art. Thank you, Mark, looking forwards to the next level."

Michaela Barker


Guardian Angels Marketing Ltd

"I've known Mark for a few years and, as an SEO Consultant, I can definitely vouch for Mark's tremendous knowledge and experience. I recently joined Mark on one of his SEO Training sessions which was informative and entertaining in equal measures. Instead of a boring series of PowerPoint slides, the session was highly interactive and made participants challenge how best to integrate SEO within client businesses. His new book is out soon … it should be a good read!"

Roger England


Right Direction Marketing

"Mark is a great trainer and mentor. He is knowledgeable, approachable, genuine and extremely helpful. Having gained a lot of my knowledge from reading blogs and following various online courses, it's great to have the support and one to one assistance to guide me in the right direction. I am very grateful for Marks help and support in growing my SEO business."

Emma Schwartz


Schwartz Digital

"Mark demystifies SEO with an easy, down to earth demeanor. On our one-on-one call, I received solid, friendly guidance and clarification that gave me the confidence to move forward. Since I work independently and have been self-taught on this subject matter, I'm glad to have targeted support that addresses the needs and concerns of local business--my needs. No more wading through webinars etc with self-impressed speed talkers who confuse and overwhelm with obfuscating jargon that only addresses the needs of other SEO companies, e-commerce, marketing agencies, or big brands. Mark is smart, helpful, interested, patient, and was able to connect with me as an individual and a human being."

Kris Scheifele

Freelance Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant

"Mark Preston is a responsible person with lots of ideas, and has a good sense of current SEO trends! Mark does an outstanding job in presenting information packed seminars on the value of SEO. His presentation skills are low key, easy to understand and enjoyable. The presentation a business gets includes a wealth of information and suggestions. What special about Mark is that he works very closely with his customers to help their very specific needs. The information that you learn can produce an income flow that may last you a lifetime! Whether you are looking to learn the ins and outs of SEO yourself or learn enough to hire the best company for your business, I highly recommend Mark Preston."

Omi Sido

Senior Technical SEO

Canon Europe

"Mark's reputation is that he's the "go-to" person for SEO training. Having recently attended training with him, I can see why! Mark clearly has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, yet is able to train at all levels. I came away from the training with lots of ideas on how to improve my own website and also a much greater understanding of how SEO is today. I thoroughly recommend Mark."

Sarah Bennett


Sarah Bennett Social

"I attended one of Mark's fabulous and informative workshops where he covered the fundamentals of SEO in depth. Mark's personable style and deep understanding of SEO came across well as he answered questions from the floor with actionable responses, rather than skirting around like I've seen others do. If you're looking to learn how to improve your SEO then I'd certainly recommend giving Mark a call."

Natalie Burtonwood-Wilson


Salt Marketing Ltd

"Our agency ranks well in Google for various keywords but we wanted to hear Marks opinion on what could be improved across the board. His advice was great and we learned some key factors to improving our SEO. I'd highly recommend Mark's training services to companies who don't know anything about SEO..... but similar to our scenario: we have a very good understanding of SEO and how to execute... but it's always good to learn and improve your knowledge."

Andy Golpys



"I've known Mark for a few years now and in that time he has been nothing but supportive, respectable and professional. I not only consider him a solid business allie, but also a trusted friend. A leader in the field of SEO with heaps of valuable experience, Mark really knows his stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody looking to improve their organic visibility. Not only is he technically-minded and an SEO whizz, he also has a knack for Content Marketing and top-level business strategy...a rare set of collective skills which all aid the bottom line. There is a lot of choice out there when looking for SEO experts...but the truth is — real experts are hard to come by. Get to know Mark today!"

Sam Hurley

Global No.1 Digital Influencer and Director


"Mark Preston is one of the most experienced SEO experts and trainers I've even met. First and foremost, he's a very honest person! Mark will never mislead you or promise you something which he won't be able to achieve or overachieve. Secondly, he's an SEO trainer with vast and indepth knowledge about modern SEO strategies and teaches only 100% white hat SEO techniques. If you hire Mark for your SEO trainer you can rest assured that all the techniques he will teach you are in compliance with Google's terms of service. They will never get you into trouble such as Google penalties. On the contrary, Mark is the right expert to teach you how to get your site to the top of Google and to stay there. Finally, Mark's lessons are always easy to comprehend, super actionable and you'll never have problems in understanding his SEO lectures. Step-by-step tutorials for both beginners and advanced students are his power. I attended several of his seminars and I got blown away by the amount of know how he shared in them. Looking forward to buying his book which will be published soon hopefully. I strongly recommend Mark Preston as an SEO expert and trainer to everyone! With his years of experience he is an invaluable asset to every webmaster or company. It's an honor to know him!"

Nikolay Stoyanov



"I have only known Mark for a couple of years, but his level of knowledge and genuine care for his clients shines through. He is always willing to take the time to assist those around him, helping me improve my level of skill in the SEO arena too."

Sarah Lovell

NW Account Manager

Johnston Press

"Mark was a breath of fresh air in his global webinar with SEMRush looking into a website audit, and to have him based in the UK is so refreshing. His approach to a wide, and in depth site audit will only provide wonders to your website improvements. His knowledge is one of the best out there in SEO, and a real expert who say's it like it is."

Ben Bradley


Cosmik Carrot

"Having worked with Mark over the years as one of our senior advisers and consultant to our company, his knowledge on SEO and Google is sound. He as always been incredibly accurate and up-to-date with his advice and we look forward to a long-term working relationship in-tandem with Mark for the production of training modules and courses."

Rob Fisher


Vaccoda Ltd

"After completing an online SEO course which taught me SEO to quite a good level of knowledge wise the problem was it didn't show you how to put it into action in the real world. Hence I hit a brick wall when trying to rank our pension site free-pension-calculator.com for a not too competitive keyword. So I was recommended to Mark who came in the office for a day and rather than cover all the stuff that every course or webinar covers I had sent over a checklist of things where I was falling down and we covered these by the end of the course we had discovered my theme was blocking H1 headers, I had bought a domain which had bad traffic, my pages weren't linking and much more and then we followed his method on our company site redlibertydata.com which is in the process of optimising all the pages and then Mark to have a quick look over to make sure its all right. I would recommenced Mark as he is easy to get on with and explains things in an easy way to understand."

Sam Wynne


Red Liberty Limited

"I have known Mark now for quite some time and he is always full of words of encouragement for my business and takes a keen interest in the role blogging has played in its development. Recently, I attended one of his SEO seminars, which was run professionally, with the day tailored to the requirements of all participants. Everyone went away with actionable things to implement to drive their website up the search engine rankings and were in no doubt that they had just been taught by The Don of SEO."

Tom Metcalf


Little Touches

"There has never been a more a crucial time for a business to maximize its online presence in the savviest, most effective way possible. There are so many companies with great products and services, but if your company is buried in search results to the point that consumers can't find you online, you essentially don't exist. I went to one of Marks SEO (for beginners) training, step by step how to solve that problem through Search Engine Optimization. I've booked myself on the next course Mark is running. Well worth for level beginners to expert."

Azhar Iqbal

Managing Director

Colne Tyre Centre

"After many years of being taken advantage of by SEO companies I decided to make a drastic change. The answer is to learn it myself. I found Mark through a live demo and decided to take a risk and a hire an overseas SEO trainer. I've had a total of 6 hours of training and definitely have an overview and understanding of SEO. I signed up for two additional classes I can't wait to complete! Finally, free of corrupt SEO companies scamming business out of their money! Thank you Mark!"

Erica Wolfe

Marketing Manager

Valley West Landscapes

"I have been following Mark Preston for a while and have attended some of his events. Mark has vast experience in SEO and digital marketing. He is also great at applying his knowledge to a specific business challenge. His training is very practical and logical. I always go back with loads of ideas and actions for improving digital marketing for my business. I highly recommend his services and definitely attend any of his training events."

Edward Xuereb


Progrex IT Solutions

"Following Mark's excellent SEO training day with our company yesterday - I couldn't recommend his services more if you are a business looking to seriously improve your websites SEO. What sets Mark apart from the rest is his commitment to training his clients to embrace a mindset of considering your customers wants and needs on your site before giving you the technical know-how on succeeding at improving the ranking of your site! I can't wait to implement the strategies he has taught our company and to successfully grow our website and business."

Michael Brogi

E-Commerce Director

Heavensent Baby Gifts

"We started working with Mark a couple of years ago, with clear objectives to improve our online exposure in a particular location. This was achieved quite quickly and had an instant impact on generating more leads. However, what has been even more pleasing is the longer term impact Mark’s work and advice has had. We now have a constant, strong online presence in both of our key locations, and over the last few years this has led to regular new leads. The key message that I have taken from Mark is that you can either look for quick fixes for SEO improvements, or take a more long term, sustained approach. Given that our business has been in existence for over 130 years, we have found Mark’s approach using the latter method to be synonymous with our company ethos. Mark is always looking to advise and teach us, leaving us a plan of how we can continue the progress we have started. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a long term SEO improvement for their company to work with Mark."

Adam Calvert


Rushtons Chartered Accountants

"On my quest for Digital Clarity I introduced myself to Mark Preston after reading an article he’d written on the need for transparency within the SEO industry. The world of SEO is full of misinformation and Mark has a genuine desire to help businesses help themselves by arming them with the knowledge they need to implement a good solid SEO practice which ultimately results in sustainable realistic results. It's a pleasure to have Mark speaking at our events."

Nichola Howard


Launch Events

"I own a party hotel in Blackpool aimed at stag and hens. Before I met Mark, we wasted hundreds of pounds paying for AdWords. It got to a stage where we were paying more money to Google than we were taking in bookings. Since Mark took us under his wing, we have a constant first-page presence for my google listings. Mark will always tell me straight and he never dances around any awkward issues. We highly value his on-going training and consultancy."

Clive Cooper


Wellington Hotel Blackpool

"Mark has provided us with advice on SEO matter for several years. He has always been very knowledgeable about SEO and as up to date as anyone, we speak to on the subject."

Peter Syme


Splash Whitewater Rafting LLP

"When I first started talking to Mark Preston about SEO, I realized I was talking to somebody with a depth of knowledge that rivals any guru offering courses online today. I had bought some courses and somehow didn't manage to come away with my questions answered after completing the materials. For this reason, I was initially hesitant to make yet another investment in what I thought was a run of the mill "SEO Training" opportunity. In reality, Mark's training was totally different. He's kind and understanding with a positive attitude and a teacher's spirit. He's personally interested in the success of his students and offers a professional service for bespoke training. I explained my situation and was able to ask specific questions- questions which had gone unanswered in all the many hours of SEO training I had previously done. Mark was a wealth of information that was able to iron out my confusion and address each of topic individually and satisfactorily. After an initial conversation, in which he clarified a lot of misconceptions of what I had understood about SEO, he went above and beyond by supplying me with a written guide to help me through the challenges I was facing with a site. That guide made for very enlightening reading and it is a handbook that I refer to regularly. Thanks, Mark for the wonderful training. I appreciate you for getting me sorted and in doing so, clearing up the mess I was in. Professional and bespoke, your training was exactly what I needed."

Daniel Barbour

Small Business Owner

"Mark's business mentoring is proving invaluable to me as a relatively new startup. His insight and expertise are second to none. Where others might tell you what you might want to hear, he is relentlessly focused on what gets his clients RESULTS. Isn't that all we truly crave."

Paul Isherwood

Business Owner

Stressbuster Works

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