Ecommerce Pay Per Click (PPC) Pre-Tax Profit Calculator

Is your PPC campaign running profitable or would you actually be better off by not running PPC at all?

Use my PPC calculator so you can see how profitable (or not) your campaign is.

Go ahead, you may just surprise yourself!

Campaign revenue generated:


Campaign PPC click spend:


Total campaign agency management fee:


Business expenses (order processing, wages etc..)


Your profit margin (on your products)


Your PPC campaign (pre-tax) profit is:



You can either use our tool to calculate your return on investment (ROI) month-by-month or for a complete campaign time period.

> Campaign revenue generated

As PPC campaigns take a little time to become optimal, I suggest you calculate your ROI over a set period of time. 6 or 12 months as an example.

> Campaign PPC click spend

The total amount you have invested on your actual click spend (paid to Google AdWords or Bing Ads etc..)

> Total campaign agency management fee

The total amount of money you have paid to your PPC agency to setup and manage your campaign.

> Business expenses

You may have additional costs directly associated with your PPC campaign, such as wages for staff who process any orders.

> Your profit margin

What is the percentage difference between what your buy your products for compared to what you sell them for?

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