My online SEO training is 100% tailored to you

Every single person I have hosted my online SEO training sessions with have all had different requirements. There are no set rules here. I teach YOU what YOU need to know in order to push YOUR business in the right direction.


My online SEO training is different!


It is not a basic SEO course you can find all over the internet but a way of you learning how to drive your business forward through the power of Search Engine Optimisation with a series of 1-2-1 training sessions over Skype..

"If you have the want and desire to learn how to perform SEO the right way so it results in driving quality leads (service business) or sales (eCommerce business), then I will teach you."

"Mark is a great trainer and mentor. He is knowledgeable, approachable, genuine and extremely helpful. Having gained a lot of my knowledge from reading blogs and following various online courses, it's great to have the support and one to one assistance to guide me in the right direction. I am very grateful for Marks help and support in growing my SEO business."

Emma Schwartz


Schwartz Digital

"To whom may find this helpful. Recently, I had the joy of undertaking a large website redesign and migration with an emphasis on maintaining page 1 ranking on Google. After extensive planning and research, you can never plan for every aspect of a project this size which is where Mark really shined. We reached out and from day 1 he was helpful and prompt. Anytime before, during, and after the launch he was always there answering questions and guiding us in the right direction. It's been several months now and not only does his help still remain valued it's cool to see the project succeed. Many thanks and #cheers, sir!"

Cody Edwards

Marketing Strategist

Web Gigantic

"After many years of being taken advantage of by SEO companies, I decided to make a drastic change. The answer is to learn it myself. I found Mark through a live demo and decided to take a risk and a hire an overseas SEO trainer. I've had a total of 6 hours of training and definitely have an overview and understanding of SEO. I signed up for two additional classes I can't wait to complete! Finally, free of corrupt SEO companies scamming business out of their money! Thank you Mark!"

Erica Wolfe

Marketing Manager

Valley West Landscapes

"When I first started talking to Mark Preston about SEO, I realized I was talking to somebody with a depth of knowledge that rivals any guru offering courses online today. I had bought some courses and somehow didn't manage to come away with my questions answered after completing the materials. For this reason, I was initially hesitant to make yet another investment in what I thought was a run of the mill "SEO Training" opportunity. In reality, Mark's training was totally different. He's kind and understanding with a positive attitude and a teacher's spirit. He's personally interested in the success of his students and offers a professional service for bespoke training. I explained my situation and was able to ask specific questions- questions which had gone unanswered in all the many hours of SEO training I had previously done. Mark was a wealth of information that was able to iron out my confusion and address each of topic individually and satisfactorily. After an initial conversation, in which he clarified a lot of misconceptions of what I had understood about SEO, he went above and beyond by supplying me with a written guide to help me through the challenges I was facing with a site. That guide made for very enlightening reading and it is a handbook that I refer to regularly. Thanks, Mark for the wonderful training. I appreciate you for getting me sorted and in doing so, clearing up the mess I was in. Professional and bespoke, your training was exactly what I needed."

Daniel Barbour

Small Business Owner

"Dear Mark! Thank you so much for your useful training on Rich Data feature. Thank you for going over all of the details and providing valuable expertise. And additional thanks for your patience with me. Now I feel confident using this feature, it helped brining my SEO skills to the next level."

Julia Koroleva

Sales and Marketing Director

JKI Marketing

"Mark's course was made simple to understand, and even allowed a busy (and not really that technical) business owner like myself, to get back to the business and make some immediate changes to our website, which had an immediate impact. Highly recommended..."

Darren Turner

Managing Director

MY Total Office Solutions

"I was excited as a kid to speak to Mark and while they say never meet your heroes Mark does not disappoint. What an honest, genuine, credible, warm and generous man he his. It is like being back at school and having my new favourite teacher Mr Preston and I need to ace my tests to impress him. Such a cool man."

Darren Revell

Managing Director

RecruiterWEB Limited

My online SEO training overview

20 minute FREE Skype call to discuss your SEO goals

Payment for first training session is required

Online SEO training provided over Skype

I give you action points to be completed

We arrange date for next training session

£65 per hour

(no minimum terms)

"With each online SEO training session, you move one step closer to achieving your SEO and business goals as I give you a job list (based on our training session) which you need to complete before our next session."

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