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As a freelance SEO consultant, I fully understand why you are here right now reading this very page. You don't really care about being No.1 in the search engine listings. You don't even care about bounce rates or conversion rates. You care about achieving your online growth plans in an ethical way whilst building your brand into something which is recognized and trusted.

Freelance SEO Consultant Review

"Having a business development mindset makes all the difference as a freelance SEO consultant."

Introducing Mark Preston - Your new freelance SEO consultant

Helping businesses achieve their growth plans since 2001

The person who goes around the UK training professional marketers

Business development mindset

UK's No.1 ranked SEO speaker

Not just a consultant. I'm your SEO mentor

"I've known Mark for a few years now and in that time he has been nothing but supportive, respectable and professional. I not only consider him a solid business allie, but also a trusted friend. A leader in the field of SEO with heaps of valuable experience, Mark really knows his stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody looking to improve their organic visibility. Not only is he technically-minded and an SEO whizz, he also has a knack for Content Marketing and top-level business strategy...a rare set of collective skills which all aid the bottom line. There is a lot of choice out there when looking for SEO experts...but the truth is — real experts are hard to come by. Get to know Mark today!"

Sam Hurley

Global No.1 Digital Influencer and Director


"Mark has a great mind when it comes to lead generation, he made any complicated issues that I had into simple solutions; Mark also provided me with alternative methods that I can use to boost my potential leads into future sales. I would highly recommend Mark when it comes lead generation his simple, straight forward and his advice is very effective."

Munimur Rahman

Speaker Manager

David Hyner (Award Winning International Speaker)

"Mark has provided us with advice on SEO matter for several years. He has always been very knowledgeable about SEO and as up to date as anyone, we speak to on the subject."

Peter Syme


Splash Whitewater Rafting LLP

"Having worked with Mark over the years as one of our senior advisers and consultant to our company, his knowledge on SEO and Google is sound. He as always been incredibly accurate and up-to-date with his advice and we look forward to a long-term working relationship in-tandem with Mark for the production of training modules and courses."

Rob Fisher


Vaccoda Ltd

"Not only is Mark a thought leader in his field he is a thoroughly top bloke! Our digital team has really evolved in it’s online approach and a lot of that is down to Mark. Would recommend without any hesitation and in fact many of my friends who ask me for some help, I simply point them in Mark’s direction."

Imran Hakim


Hakim Group

"We started working with Mark a couple of years ago, with clear objectives to improve our online exposure in a particular location. This was achieved quite quickly and had an instant impact on generating more leads. However, what has been even more pleasing is the longer term impact Mark’s work and advice has had. We now have a constant, strong online presence in both of our key locations, and over the last few years this has led to regular new leads. The key message that I have taken from Mark is that you can either look for quick fixes for SEO improvements, or take a more long term, sustained approach. Given that our business has been in existence for over 130 years, we have found Mark’s approach using the latter method to be synonymous with our company ethos. Mark is always looking to advise and teach us, leaving us a plan of how we can continue the progress we have started. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a long term SEO improvement for their company to work with Mark."

Adam Calvert


Rushtons Chartered Accountants

It all starts with a conversation!

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